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Encode and decode HTML entities in Perl 6
Perl 6
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Generated from the official list of valid HTML entities and can decode entity-laden text via &decode-entities (or &decode if use … :ALL is given)

Can also encode basic entities via &encode-entities/&encode.


use HTML::Entity;

say encode-entities "This <em>needs</em> to be escaped & encoded!";
    # This &lt;em&gt;needs&lt;/em&gt; to be escaped &amp; encoded!
say decode-entities "4.99 &approx; 5"; # 4.99 ≈ 5
say HTML::Entity<&nesim;>              # ≂̸

use HTML::Entity :ALL;

say decode "fj&aumlril"; # fjäril
say encode "A & B < C";  # A &amp; B &lt; C
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