Encode and decode HTML entities in Perl 6
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Latest commit 57931c7 May 26, 2015 @Mouq Update for Rakudo 2014.5; fix #4
The issue is with .perl apparently not minding combining chars properly.
In any case, the characters have just been converted to \x000 sequences,
which fixes the issue.

Also, "unit" has been added before file-level package markers.



Generated from the official list of valid HTML entities and can decode entity-laden text via &decode-entities (or &decode if use … :ALL is given)

Can also encode basic entities via &encode-entities/&encode.


use HTML::Entity;

say encode-entities "This <em>needs</em> to be escaped & encoded!";
    # This &lt;em&gt;needs&lt;/em&gt; to be escaped &amp; encoded!
say decode-entities "4.99 &approx; 5"; # 4.99 ≈ 5
say HTML::Entity<&nesim;>              # ≂̸

use HTML::Entity :ALL;

say decode "fj&aumlril"; # fjäril
say encode "A & B < C";  # A &amp; B &lt; C