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The Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund ( provides grant funding in select U.S. communities to support pilot tests of gigabit technologies such as virtual reality, 4K video, artificial intelligence, and their related curricula. In so doing, our goal is to increase participation in technology innovation in support of a healthy Internet where all people are empowered, safe, and independent online.

As part of the work, it became evident that while many people are aware of whether or not they have high-speed internet access, they may not know what it enables them to do in a classroom or in general. We created this workshop as a way to begin answering questions, highlighting some of the ways it's being used now, and to help people think about how they might leverage it for their own projects and purposes. The workshop has worked well for facilitated groups of 20-30 participants.


There are two files in the Activity Scripts folder: one is a slidedeck that a facilitator can use to walk through the activities and the other is a sample agenda that references the potential order of activities (which are available in the same folder). Each activity guide, and the sample agenda, references items that need to be printed for each corresponding activity. Printed items are available in the Printable Workshop Materials folder.

Sample description/invitation to workshop:

What does the promise of a high speed internet network mean for your city/school/organization, and how can you help define the impact of this network on your community?

From enhancing public health and improving transportation infrastructure to bringing new opportunities for learning, high speed networks with their seemingly unlimited capacity and lightening fast connections can bring a lot of power to a community. But, what do you do with it? And, how can you actually leverage these connections to create opportunity and improve quality of life?

Join us from [time] [date] for a workshop focused on demystifying high speed internet, and helping you shape the story of high speed networks for [your community].