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Mozilla Fuzzing Security

Fuzzing projects at the Mozilla Corporation

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  1. funfuzz funfuzz Public

    A collection of fuzzers in a harness for testing the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.

    Python 627 121

  2. dharma dharma Public archive

    Generation-based, context-free grammar fuzzer. Refer to for a maintained version.

    Python 470 96

  3. peach peach Public archive

    Peach is a fuzzing framework which uses a DSL for building fuzzers and an observer based architecture to execute and monitor them.

    Python 397 99

  4. grizzly grizzly Public

    A cross-platform browser fuzzing framework

    Python 300 37

  5. FuzzManager FuzzManager Public

    A fuzzing management tools collection

    HTML 181 46

  6. octo octo Public

    A fuzzing library in JavaScript. ✨

    JavaScript 116 19


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