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A blog engine powered with Silex and MongoDB in php
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Silex Blog

A blog engine powered with Silex and MongoDB in php

Check out the silex framework , by Fabien Potencier, author of Symfony,Twig,Simso,Pimple ...



0.0.21 :

  • server variable for database server is now SILEXPRESS_DBSERVER
  • server variable for database name is now SILEXPRESS_DBNAME

this is a Silex showcase app written with php and Silex

Status : Work in progress

Author M.PARAISO , Paris, France, contact


  • help learn silex symfony
    • Symfony is the #1 php MVC framework,
    • Silex is a framework that allow direct integration with Symfony components but with a fastest learning curve.
  • help learn MongoDB
    • MongoDB allows easy scaling of the database.
  • create a wordpress like CMS
    • Most of clients are used to manage their content with a Wordpress like interface
    • this app will try to reproduce the best features of the wordpress CMS , like easy content management , easy template management , and easy plugin extension


  • user management

    • sign in
    • sign out
    • register
  • articles management

    • create , update , delete articles
    • comments
    • tags
    • articles support key,value metadatas
  • Symfony modules :

    • security
    • session
    • monolog
    • form
    • config
    • translation
    • ...
  • antispam integration +via Akismet

requires :

  • PHP 5.3.*
  • MongoDB driver for PHP
  • a local or remote MongoDB database
  • an apache server , the server or virtual host root must point to the public folder.
  • composer for package management

Installation :

install with composer :

  • php /path/to/composer/composer.phar install

  • change the path of the autoloader.php in app/bootstrap.php to "../vendor/autoload.php" or wherever the vendor/autoload.php file is.

  • use a local MongoDB server (localhost) , the name of the database is by default mongoblog OR set the envirronment variables on your server SILEXPRESS_DBSERVER and SILEXPRESS_DBNAME ( in a .htaccess file with SetEnv for instance ).

  • get an askimet api key to deal with spammers and declare a envirronment variable called AKISMET_APIKEY


  • configuration support
  • comment spam management
  • category management
  • pages management
  • fully featured content editor
  • content backup
  • installation script
  • RDBMS support
  • embedded content support
  • short code support
  • templates support
  • menu management

Silex based frameworks

other kitchen sink / boilerplate projects for silex :

get some help :

please contribute , fork , refactor and make pull request ;)

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