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Traincraft - A mod for Minecraft

Here you will find the source code for the Official Traincraft Project.

What is Traincraft?

Traincraft is a mod written for Minecraft. It is built on top of the Minecraft Forge API.

It adds new functionality and looks to the vanilla trains, and some other areas of the game. It adds over 80+ trains, wagons, and other vehicles. It also ads a completely new railway system with curved tracks and slopes. It was originaly started by Spitfire4466, then jointly developed with Mrbrutal, and now maintained by me, Mrbrutal. It has had well over 1,000,000 downloads and has been in development since 1.2.x versions of Minecraft.

Why are you posting the Source Code?

Since Spitfire4466 and me are exceedingly low on time to work on this project, open source was the only viable sollution. But since open source is something I've never done on this level or size, I'm a bit hessitant to do so. But in the hopes that I can still be a part of this and so that we can make Traincraft great again, I'm opening the source code for everyone to see. Furthermore, both versions of Traincraft will be open sourced, so that anyone willing to contribute will be able to contribute on both fronts.

Official Links



An issue system or website will be provided in due time. Possibly, we might just use the GitHub's own system.


Traincraft Project welcomes contributions from anyone, provided they have signed the Contributor Licensing Agreement (CLA) found here.

Signing the CLA is simple, just follow the link, and hit the "I Agree" button and you are good to go.

Regarding new features/behavior changes, please submit a Suggestion Issue to the Tracker before you write a single line of code. Keeping everyone on the same page saves time and effort and reduces negative experiences all around when a change turns out to be controversial.

For now, the focus should be on updating the mod to the 1.7.x and 1.8.x branches, before adding any new features. Those will be added when the rewrite version is being done.


Traincraft will follow standard Forge conventions for setting up and building a project, with a couple additional details (details to come).

There will also be a jenkins build engine available for setting things up, and building releases quicker (details to come).


Traincraft is licensed under a custom usage license tailored specifically for the project. It can be read here.

  • Key things to keep in mind:
  • You may NOT create works using the Traincraft code (source or binary) without Mrbrutal's explicit permission except in the cases listed in this license.
  • You may NOT create derivative Jars from Traincraft source to distribute to other users.
  • You MAY use snippets of Traincraft Code posted on the Official Github in your own projects, but only if your project consists of less than 25% of Traincraft derived code. You must give credit to the Traincraft Project for the code used, including a link to the Github Project. Put this in your class file headers that contain Traincraft code, in your readme, and on the main download page.
  • You may NOT use Traincraft Art Assets in other projects unless the project is intended to operate alongside Traincraft. Examples are Addons and InterMod Integration. Art assests include and are not limited to: Textures, Models(.obj or source code), Sounds, Any other art part of Traincraft.
  • You MAY fork and edit the Github Project for the purpose of contributing to the Official Traincraft Project. You may NOT distribute any Jar created from a fork for any reason.
  • All contributions to the Official Traincraft Project must be covered by a Contributor Licensing Agreement signed by the contributor.


The core mod for the upcoming Traincraft rewrite.




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