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An universal app search tool for Linux
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TypeScript version Node.js version APLv2


[Chob usage[video] Chob is an helper tool for searching application accross platforms (Flathub, Snapcraft and AppImage)


  1. Download executable file for your linux distro from Releases
2. chmod +x chob-linux
3. ./chob-linux pkgName

Build instructions

This project is intended to be used with the latest Active LTS release of Node.js. To start, just clone the repository with following commands:

git clone
cd chob
npm install && yarn

Available scripts

  • clean - remove coverage data, Jest cache and transpiled files,
  • build - transpile TypeScript to ES6,
  • build:watch - interactive watch mode to automatically transpile source files,
  • lint - lint source files and tests,
  • test - run tests,
  • test:watch - interactive watch mode to automatically re-run tests


Licensed under the APLv2. See the LICENSE file for details.

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