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A PHP package for work with namirial sws
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Appliance Library

Small PHP library for Namirial SWS services.

PHP Version Status Require
PHP 7.2 In Dev Composer

Install Library:

composer require appliance/namirial-php

Free Use (Verify Only)

Start Appliance Object & Retrive content of CAdES, XAdES & PAdES:

$namirial = new Appliance\Namirial\Service;
// or 

🤑 The class will connect via http protocol to Namirial WSDL & check the file signature.

Commercial Use

Start Appliance Object:

$namirial = new Appliance\Namirial\Service('ip address of sws');

$namirial->setAgent('username', 'password');

💻 The class will connect via http protocol to your Web Service and load the functions from the WSDL

Sign File (CAdES,XAdES,PAdES)


🚀 The appliance will discover the file format automatically by choosing the most appropriate format for you

Verify File (CAdES,XAdES,PAdES)


🎂 The appliance will verify the signature of the file if it is trusted or not

Save File (CAdES,XAdES,PAdES)


👻 The appliance will save the file in a directory by creating it if necessary

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