Demos and example solvers using MUI (Multiscale Universal Interface)
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MUI Demo

This repository contains demos and example solvers that make use of the MUI Multiscale Universal Interface to perform multiscale/multiphysics computations. The MUI primary repository can be found at


The source code is dual-licensed under both GPL v3 and Apache v2.


To run the examples you need a mpic++ wrapper with C++11 enabled backend.

To run the first example 0-hello-world:

# clone the repository
cd <repository_directory>
git submodule update --init  # to obtain MUI
cd 0-hello-world
mpirun -np 1 ./hello mpi://domain1/ifs 0.618 : -np 1 ./hello mpi://domain2/ifs 1.414

To run 2-heat:

cd <repository_directory>/1-heat
mpirun -np 1 ./heat-coarse : -np 1 ./heat-fine
matlab -r vizmulti

You can view the time evolution of the simulation by running the vizmulti.m MATLAB script and dragging the slider bar in the figure.

To run 4-bd-ns:

cd <repository_directory>/4-bd-ns
mpirun -np 1 ./brownian : -np 4 ./vortex
gnuplot -p

Also checkout flow.png for a visualization of the flow field.

To run 5-multi-domain:

cd <repository_directory>/5-multi-domain


Tang Y.-H., Kudo, S., Bian, X., Li, Z., & Karniadakis, G. E. Multiscale Universal Interface: A Concurrent Framework for Coupling Heterogeneous Solvers, Journal of Computational Physics, 2015, 297.15, 13-31.


Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact yuhang_tang at brown dot edu