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Add libCEC support.

This adds initial support for CEC HDMI devices which allow bidirectional
communication and control between CEC capable devices.

There is a lot going on here, so I'll add a wiki page at some point.

- will turn the display device on and switch to MythTV's HDMI input when
MythTV is started (configurable).
- the HDMI input is identified as 'MythTV'.
- will turn the display off when exiting (configurable).
- 'advanced' selection of HDMI port (physical address), CEC logical
address and libCEC device (all default to 'auto').
- there is no settings UI. I will wait and see if we get new, libmythui
settings pages before 0.25 (otherwise I'll add some old style settings
- added 2 new actions for powering the display on and off.
- incoming keypresses from the display's remote control are mapped to
standard keypresses. Certain functions are unmpapped (no obvious meaning
in a MythTV context) and others have slightly unusual mappings to ensure
each button has a unique keypress (and hence maximise the potential for
customisation - but does limit 'out of the box' functionality). There is
still some limited overlap (e.g. M) but most map to conventional,
default MythTV bindings. Use the Key Editor to tweak.
- no CEC commands (e.g. display telling MythTV to power off) are
currently handled - either because there is no obvious way to handle
them (menu language, power off) or I haven't seen them.

There is a lot of potential for additional functionality, both within
MythTV and libCEC itself, so this will no doubt be a moving feast for a
while. The usefulness of CEC will largely depend on how much individual
manufacturers have 'tailored' their CEC implementations. For me, with a
Toshiba display (Regza-Link = CEC), Playstation3 and VESA mounted Ion
box, everything is pretty seemless and largely 'just works'.

N.B. The keymapping code may change depending on other changes in
libmythui (and I may yet tweak the default keybindings).
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Mark Kendall
Mark Kendall committed Oct 26, 2011
1 parent 145b209 commit e090e9969c87136d4f6793988107a62ef249fe78
@@ -105,6 +105,9 @@ Advanced options (experts only):
--enable-valgrind disables timeouts for valgrind memory debugging
--disable-lirc disable lirc support (Infrared Remotes)
--disable-joystick-menu disable joystick menu
--disable-libcec disable libCEC device support
--libcec-path=HDRLOC location of directory containing
cec.h [$libcec_path_default]
--disable-firewire disable support for FireWire cable boxes
--disable-iptv disable support for recording RTSP/UDP/RTP streams
--disable-hdhomerun disable support for HDHomeRun boxes
@@ -1346,6 +1349,7 @@ MYTHTV_CONFIG_LIST='
@@ -1428,6 +1432,7 @@ PATHS_LIST='
@@ -1986,6 +1991,7 @@ enable ivtv
enable asi
enable lamemp3
enable libass
enable libcec
enable libxml2
enable libudf
enable lirc
@@ -2006,6 +2012,7 @@ disable indevs
# mythtv paths

# configurable options
@@ -4105,6 +4112,19 @@ enabled libfftw3 && check_lib2 fftw3.h fftw_init_threads -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3
# ass_flush_events was added in 0.9.10
enabled libass && check_lib2 ass/ass.h ass_flush_events -lass || disable libass

enabled libcec && check_cxx -I"$libcec_path" <<EOF || { echolog "libCEC support needs libcec >= 7" && disable libcec; }
#include <libcec/cec.h>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
using namespace CEC;
#include <libcec/cecloader.h>
int main(void) {
return 0;
return (long) LoadLibCec;

if enabled libxml2 ; then
if pkg-config --exists libxml-2.0 ; then
libxml2_path=`pkg-config --cflags-only-I libxml-2.0|sed -n "s/-I\([^ ]*\) *$/\1/p"`
@@ -4437,6 +4457,7 @@ if enabled frontend; then
echo "# Input Support"
echo "Joystick menu ${joystick_menu-no}"
echo "lirc support ${lirc-no}"
echo "libCEC device support ${libcec-no} [$libcec_path]"
if test x"$target_os" = x"darwin" ; then
echo "Apple Remote ${appleremote-no}"
@@ -4830,6 +4851,11 @@ if enabled dvb; then
append CONFIG_INCLUDEPATH "$dvb_path"

if enabled libcec; then
append CONFIG_DEFINES "using_libcec"
append CONFIG_INCLUDEPATH "$libcec_path"

if enabled libxml2; then
if [ -d $libxml2_path ] ; then
append CONFIG_INCLUDEPATH "$libxml2_path"

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