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Morse Code daemon for the Winkey hardware keyer module
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winkeydaemon - Morse daemon for the winkey hardware keyer module

winkeydaemon is a driver for the winkey2 and winkey3 keyers, it will also work
with the K1EL compatible Ham Gadgets Master Keyer 1 (MK1). It provides an
interface which is compatible to the cwdaemon, which means it can be used
instead of the cwdaemon for programs such as Tlf.

The winkeydaemon listens to a udp socket and outputs commands to the k1el
keyer on a serial port.

This archive is an effort by Nate Bargmann to colate the changes made by Rein,
Joop, and Wilbert over the years and make them public.  Fixes and updates will
be welcome.
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