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  • Do you want to learn how to align RNA-sequences to a reference genome?

  • Do you want to bypass the process of installing alignment software and get a preview into a panel of different alignment strategies?

  • Do you want to compare how popular mapping algorithms perform on your data?

Then this is the tutorial for you!

NOTE 1: While we have pre-installed software and streamlined the analysis, please budget at least 1 or 2 days to sign up for an Amazon AWS account, apply for your free education credits, and troubleshoot problems connecting to your EC2 instance via ssh using .pem files.

NOTE 2: As Cloud services like Amazon AWS charge by the hour it is critical that you shut down all resources when you are done. No contributor to this repository is responsible for your cost overruns if you do not follow directions.

Please click "1. Goals and Audience" in the right handle table of contents


  • Elizabeth Baskin
  • Peter DeFord
  • Allison Dennis
  • Ian Misner
  • Frederick J Tan

Special thanks to Matt Lesko!

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