The NIEM Code Lists Specification
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The NIEM Code Lists Specification

This document establishes methods for using code list artifacts with NIEM information exchange specifications. It provides for the use of Genericode documents, as well as for CSV code lists. It supports the use of code lists at run time and at schema definition time. It also includes identifiers for well-known columns that have semantics needed across the NIEM community.

Comments on this specification are invited; please submit comments as issues on this repository's issues tracker.

For more information, see the NIEM website's code lists page.

1.0 - latest version

The latest release of the specification is version 1.0, and may be viewed on

All files that come with the specification are provided in the "master" branch of this repository. (You are viewing the "readme" branch, which only holds this README file)

4.0 - under development

We are currently developing the next revision of the code lists spec. This revision will be 4.0, to synchronize with the NIEM 4.0 release.

The current draft is 4.0beta1; is available as a release on this repository.

Please review this draft and make comments on our issues page.