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Client side integration example source code and libraries for AI-Assisted Annotation SDK
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NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation Client

NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation SDK follows a client-server approach to integrate into an application. Clara Train SDK container on is generally available for download, annotation server is included in the package. Once a user has setup the AI-Assisted Annotation Server, user can use either C++ or Python client to integrate the SDK into an existing medical imaging application.

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Supported Platforms

AI-Assisted Annotation is a cross-platform C++/Python Client API to communicate with AI-Assisted Annotation Server for NVIDIA and it officially supports:

  • Linux (Ubuntu16+)
  • macOS (High Sierra and above)
  • Windows (Windows 10)

Quick Start

Follow the Quick Start guide to build/install AI-Assisted Annotation Client Libraries for C++/Python and run some basic tools to verify few important functionalities like dextr3D, segmentation, fixPolygon over an existing AI-Assisted Annotation Server.

C++ Client Library provides support for CMake project


Contributions to NVIDIA AI-Assisted Annotation Client are more than welcome. To contribute make a pull request and follow the guidelines outlined in the CONTRIBUTING document.

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