Converts trello json data to Pivotal Tracker csv.
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Trello to Pivotal Tracker converter

This converts an trello board api response json to csv files that can be imported to Pivotal Tracker. It is based on the ruby script at with some things modified.

  • It allows for more flexible conversion of a Trello list to a Pivotal state, like started or completed.
  • It converts checklist items into task items. If the name of the checklist is not "Checklist", the name is used as a prefix for the task item. (since there are not grouping of tasks in Pivotal)
  • Labels are included in the conversion.
  • Features are explicitely ordered according to order in Trello
  • It is written i Python, well, just beacuse I'm more fluent in Python than Ruby, nothing noteworthy.


Author: Sebastian Jansson