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  1. TNT4J

    Track and Trace 4 Java API, Application event streaming and logging framework for correlation, diagnostics and tracking of application activities.

    Java 34 12

  2. jkool-client-java-api

    jKool Client Streaming & Query Java API for analyzing machine data at rest and in motion

    Java 2 2

  3. tnt4j-streams

    TNT4J Streams allows data streaming, parsing from various data sources into TNT4J event sinks

    Java 1

  4. JESL

    jKool Event Streaming Library -- telemetry collection, simulation and streaming to jKool enabled servers, jKool Cloud.

    Java 3

  5. tnt4j-streams-syslogd

    TNt4J Streams for handling Syslog messages


  6. tnt4j-streams-zorka

    TNT4J transaction & method tracing streams for java

    Java 1

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