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This repository contains the source code of the NativeScript UI samples application.
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This repository contains the source code of the Progress NativeScript UI samples application. The repository does not contain the source code of UI components itself but rather uses the npm packages:

  • nativescript-ui-chart npm
  • nativescript-ui-listview npm
  • nativescript-ui-sidedrawer npm
  • nativescript-ui-calendar npm
  • nativescript-ui-autocomplete npm
  • nativescript-ui-dataform npm
  • nativescript-ui-gauge npm


Issues related to Progress NativeScript UI are logged in the repository.


Progress NativeScript UI samples app resides at root repository level. The source code of the samples resides in a folder named after each component available as independent plugin. The currently available components are:

  • AutoCompleteTextView
  • Calendar
  • Chart
  • DataForm
  • Gauge
  • ListView
  • SideDrawer

Each of the above-mentioned folder has a standard NativeScript application structure.

Running Progress NativeScript UI sample app

Make sure you are using the latest NativeScript CLI version by running npm i nativescript -g.

Steps to run the sample:

  1. cd listview
  2. tns run android or tns run ios
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