VLC Remote for Pebble.
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VLC Remote

Not maintained anymore.
This project has been merged into Skipstone. Use Skipstone instead.

VLC Remote is a remote control watch app for VLC Media Player for Pebble which allows you to toggle play/pause, change volume, seek, and get recent status of what's playing and how far you've watched - all right on your wrist!

It uses PebbleKit JS to make HTTP requests to VLC's native web interface API.


  • Stable release:

    Get the latest pbw from releases.

  • Compile your own:

      $ pebble build && pebble install


  • Open Pebble mobile app and tap the gear icon to list all the watchapps.
  • Tap VLC Remote to open the configuration page.
  • Enter your VLC server host and password; then tap submit.


Button Function
Single click select Toggle play/pause
Long click select Switch between option 1/2
Single click up (option 1) Increment volume 5%
Single click down (option 1) Decrement volume 5%
Long click up (option 1) Set volume to 0%
Long click down (option 1) Set volume to 200%
Single click up (option 2) Seek +10 seconds
Single click down (option 2) Seek -10 seconds
Long click up (option 2) Seek +1 minute
Long click down (option 2) Seek -1 minute


  • Toggle play/pause.
  • Increment or decrement volume 5% and set it to lowest or highest.
  • Seek +- 10 seconds and +- 1 minute.
  • Title text layer on top displays "Refreshing..." until it fetches data, then to the filename VLC provides, or an error if one occurs.
  • Status gets the status from VLC - should be "Playing", "Paused", "Stopped", or "Unknown" when not known.
  • Volume is displayed in a progress bar and as text; both range from 0% to 200% (0% when unknown).
  • Seek progress bar shows how far in the movie you are.