Project scaffolding for JME3
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Very Basic project scaffolding tool for JME3.

  1. Clones a template repository into a local folder. For adaptation, the template repo must contain a bootmonkey.yml file.

  2. Attempts to change lines in project files as described in the bootmonkey.yml the file must be follow that structure:

            [search1]: [replacement1]
            [search2]: [replacement2]
    • filePath is the path to the file to modify from the project root.
    • searchN is a regular expression to search in the file
    • replacementN is the text that will replace the regexp match. You can use template variables in this replacement:
      • templateUrl: the project template git repo url.
      • baseDir: the directory where to create the repo.
      • projectName: the project name.
      • packageName: the new project base package.
      • jmeVersion: the jme version code.
      • packagePath: the folder path of the package ('.' replaced with '/')
  3. Clean up

    Will copy and delete files according to what's found in the yaml configuration file
    the file must be follow that structure:
        [srcPath]: [destPath]
        - [fileORDirectoryPath]
        - ...