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This package contains the NetLogo Wiimote extension. It uses Bluecove 2.1.0 to enable your computer to communicate via Java with your wiimote through Bluetooth. It uses WiiRemoteJ 1.6 to interface with the sensors and output devices on your wiimote.

Bluecove: WiiRemoteJ:

The NetLogo Wiimote Extension is written and maintained by Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde, Gregory Dam, and Nathan Holbert.


This extension is intended for use with NetLogo. To use it, move NetLogo-Wiimote-Extension to the "extensions" directory of your NetLogo installation.

To get this working with a version of NetLogo besides the one it is currently set for, recompile from within the directory:

jar cvfm wii.jar manifest.txt -C classes .


This extension has been tested on Mac OSX.