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BetterTLS is a test suite for HTTPS clients implementing verification of the Name Constraints certificate extension. Find out more at

This Repository

The config.json defines the hostname and IP used when generating certificates for the test suite and when running the test suite itself. If you intend to run BetterTLS locally, this is the first thing you should update. For example, to run locally you might setup localhost.local to resolve to your localhost and configure config.json with

"ip": "",
"ipSubtree": "",
"hostname": "localhost.local",
"hostSubtree": "local",

The certificates used for the test suite are generated using the code in the generator subfolder. It's built with gradle and can be used with cd generator; gradle run. This involves generating a lot of RSA keys, so it can take about an hour to run.

The defineExpects.js script generates the html/expects.json file which contains expected test results and descriptions for their expected behavior. You should run this after generating certificates. node defineExpects.js

The generateApacheConf.js script generates an Apache configuration using your test suite's certificates. You may need to update the paths in this script as appropriate for your system. You can then generate an apache config by running it, e.g. node generateApacheConf.js > /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/001-bettertls.conf.

The website and javascript for running the in-browser test suite is in the html directory. If you have done the above to configure for running locally and you have setup Apache, you should be able to browse to http://localhost:8000.

The testsuites directory contains scripts for running the BetterTLS test suite for non-browser clients. Take a look at runcurl.js for a simple example.


BetterTLS: A Name Constraints test suite for HTTPS clients.





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