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Scrape and display affiliate network earnings
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Affiliate Network Earnings

This PHP app scrapes data from the reporting pages of affiliate networks and sends it to clients as JSON data.

Architecture Overview

A problem with scraping web apps is that the data sources change frequently and break everything. This system is set up in a modular fashion, resulting in 2 benefits:

  • Fails gracefully if data source is unavailable
  • Easy to add new data sources

The PHP back end performs the actual scraping. JSON data is rendered by jQuery code on the front end.

Implmentation Specifics

Each affiliate network website has a class in the networks subdirectory. These classes inherit the abstract Network class in Network.php To add a new Affiliate network, add the class file to the networks folder and add an entry in networks.json.


  • Copy the files to your web server.
  • Edit the username and password variables in earnings.php to protect your information.
  • Edit the network info in networks.json to contain the networks you want to scrape along with your credentials for each one.
  • Load index.php in your browser to see the results.
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