GithubGameOff 2018 submission
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Blow the shark down

Made for #GithubGameOff

Blow the shark down

Our concept implements the hybrid theme on both the characters and the game genre; drunk Sharkmen sailors brawl in turn-based combat until there is only one Sharkman standing!

Invite your friends (if you have any, no single player this time) and resolve your conflicts the sailor way.



Drunken Sharkmen don't multitask. Their fighting is done in 2 phases:

A 3 second countdown appears. The world moves slowly while the Sharkmen plot. During this phase they are open to player input: Up to 3 attacks are queued up, as is any movement given (left stick to move).

After the Planning countdown expires the Sharkmen have 3 seconds to carry out their attacks and movement, in the order given during planning.

Be careful, drunken sailors can easily fall over!



  • Left stick: Movement
  • A: Hook
  • B: Cross Punch
  • Y: Heabutt
  • X: Uppercut
  • RB: Blocks incoming damage
  • Back Button: Taunt, if you're that kind of person

Upcoming Features

We're starting with enhancements to the scenery and gameplay- more fluid combat mechanics, more detail in the arena, a richer background.

After that we will add new arenas and characters.

From there we'll take your feedback to prioritize between improvements, features, and content.


Windows 8 or newer 3D graphics capability 2+ Xbox controllers



Niki Foteinopoulou - Github
Stathis Aposporis - Github , Twitter
Dimitris Karavias - Github , Twitter
Rui Teixeira - Github , Twitter


Gary Dave: 3D Art - Github, Twitter
Elena Tsadila: 2D Art
SoundBibble: SFX
Lydia Foteinopoulou/Lefteris Dousis: Logo
Created in Unity3D.