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Open Source Time Series Ecosystem


  1. statsforecast statsforecast Public

    Lightning ⚡️ fast forecasting with statistical and econometric models.

    Python 3.6k 247

  2. neuralforecast neuralforecast Public

    Scalable and user friendly neural 🧠 forecasting algorithms.

    Python 2.6k 295

  3. hierarchicalforecast hierarchicalforecast Public

    Probabilistic Hierarchical forecasting 👑 with statistical and econometric methods.

    Python 528 61

  4. mlforecast mlforecast Public

    Scalable machine 🤖 learning for time series forecasting.

    Python 740 70

  5. nixtla nixtla Public

    TimeGPT-1: production ready pre-trained Time Series Foundation Model for forecasting and anomaly detection. Generative pretrained transformer for time series trained on over 100B data points. It's …

    Jupyter Notebook 1.7k 133

  6. transfer-learning-time-series transfer-learning-time-series Public

    Transfer 🤗 Learning for Time Series Forecasting

    Jupyter Notebook 199 23


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