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EditBox is using background colors theme to highlight code blocks.

This is converted to git and mavenized EditBox Eclipse plugin created by Piotr Metel. The author was working for project in 2009-2011. Latest version released by Piotr Metel was 0.0.22. Named as 0.22 Alpha.

Paul Verest has discovered about EditBox though "Added EditBox support #52" guari/eclipse-ui-theme#52. And emailed the author. Whether author will answer or not, having project on GitHub hopefully will revive it.

UPDATE: In one day 2014-03-26 converted to git and mavenized; added by @Vexatos;
on second day 2014-03-27 changed default theme list to include all themes, add major languages as category, make default configuration in 10 lines, for example

result.add(createProviderForNameAndExtentions("c++",	Arrays.asList("*.c", "*.cpp", "*.h", "*.hpp") ) ); 

For example add Blue Light theme

Hint: bump to next version with

mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-versions-plugin:set-version -DnewVersion=1.1.0-SNAPSHOT


  • 0.50
  • 0.55
  • 0.60
  • 0.65 (2014-08) change icon; Checkbox "Plugin enabled"; combo to apply one of bundled themes to all categories (this is done for case when switching to black themes and back)
  • 0.70 (2015-8) refresh release; known issues: #14
  • 1.0.0 (2018-04-02) fix for Oxygen by Jiří Engelthaler; update tycho build to 1.1.0


Text Category included *.* file mask. Remove it for better customization.

All themes are inside pm.eclipse.editbox/src

in "Default", "Whitebox", "RainbowDrops", "OnClick", "GreyGradient", "Java_v_20"

Youtube video where EditBox is used, but not mentioned


  • Before modifying or importing a theme change name
  • (for themes with gradient) Adjust "Alpha blending" to make theme lighter or darker.

Add your themes like Blue & Red commit.


Default themes for a Category are defined in pm.eclipse.editbox\src\pm\eclipse\editbox\impl\

In eclipse with PDE (e.g. Enide Studio) open plugin.xml , click Launch an Eclipse application.

Preferences are saved to file <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.runtime\.settings\pm.eclipse.editbox.prefs
see pm.eclipse.editbox\docs for an example.


Looking at code and .prefs file

pm.eclipse.editbox.provider.java_Default=\#COMMENT\r\n\#Mon Jun 30 17\:24\:47 CST 2014\r\nHighlightOne\=false\r\nFillGradient\=false\r\nFillSelected\=true\r\nRoundBox\=true\r\nBorderColorType\=1\r\nName\=Default\r\nExpandBox\=false\r\nBorderDrawLine\=false\r\nFillOnMove\=true\r\nAlpha\=0\r\nHighlightWidth\=1\r\nBorderWidth\=1\r\nHighlightColor\=acb3b7\r\nBorderColor\=c0c0c0\r\nFillKeyModifier\=Alt\r\nHighlightColorType\=3\r\nFillGradientColor\=dadcc2\r\nBuilder\=Java\r\nHighlightDrawLine\=false\r\nFillSelectedColor\=ffffff\r\nBorderLineStyle\=2\r\nColors\=ffffff-c5d0ac-d9e3b7-e8ecd9\r\nHighlightLineStyle\=0\r\nNoBackground\=false\r\nCirculateLevelColors\=false\r\n
pm.eclipse.editbox.provider.java_RainbowDrops=\#COMMENT\r\n\#Wed Jul 09 17\:06\:50 CST 2014\r\nHighlightOne\=true\r\nFillGradient\=false\r\nFillSelected\=false\r\nRoundBox\=false\r\nBorderColorType\=0\r\nName\=RainbowDrops\r\nExpandBox\=false\r\nBorderDrawLine\=true\r\nFillOnMove\=false\r\nAlpha\=0\r\nHighlightWidth\=1\r\nBorderWidth\=1\r\nHighlightColor\=00ff00\r\nBorderColor\=00bbbb\r\nFillKeyModifier\=Alt\r\nHighlightColorType\=0\r\nFillGradientColor\=null\r\nBuilder\=Java\r\nHighlightDrawLine\=true\r\nFillSelectedColor\=202020\r\nBorderLineStyle\=1\r\nColors\=202020-null\r\nHighlightLineStyle\=0\r\nNoBackground\=false\r\nCirculateLevelColors\=false\r\n

Theme BoxSettingsImpl is set of colors . Provider is theme applied to some category. Provider is holding current theme (Settings object). Provider BoxProviderImpl is associated with category String (aka Provider name).
Catalog is list of Themes, that provider has.


mvn package to make update site and zip archive.

Convertion to git notes

Converted with git svn clone -s editbox3 --trunk=plugin

svn checkout svn:// editbox-code

git svn clone -s svn://

svn checkout editbox-code

git svn clone -s
git svn clone -s editbox3 --trunk=plugin



Eclipse plugin for highlighting the background of the source code (originally created by Piotr Metel)






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