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This is a module for the MagicMirror².

MMM-DailyPokemon provides a unique Pokemon each day, as well as information about that Pokemon.

Built Using PokeAPI

Demo Image

Using the module

To install, clone this repo into ~/MagicMirror/modules directory. Then move in the folder and install required libraries

git clone
cd MMM-DailyPokemon
npm install

To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

var config = {
    modules: [
            module: "MMM-DailyPokemon",
            position: "top_center",
            config: {
                updateInterval: 600000,
                minPoke: 4,
                maxPoke: 151,
                grayscale: true,
                showType: true,
                language: "en",
                genera: true,
                gbaMode: true,
                nameSize: 26,
                flavorText: false

Configuration options

Option Description
updateInterval Optional How frequently you want it to update. Defaulted to once a day
showType Optional Displays the Pokemon's type
grayscale Optional Makes all images black and white to fit Mirror themes
minPoke Optional Start of your range. MUST be at least 1.
maxPoke Optional End of your range. MUST be 802 or below


Gen 1 - 001 to 151
Gen 2 - 152 to 251
Gen 3 - 252 to 386
Gen 4 - 387 to 493
Gen 5 - 494 to 649
Gen 6 - 650 to 721
Gen 7 - 722 to 802 (Technically 809, but the API only supports 802)
stats Optional Displays Pokemon stats
language Optional Change Pokemon name.

Languages supported

zh-Hans -
ja - Japanese
en - English (default)
it - Italian
es - Spanish
de - Deutsch
fr - French
zh-Hant - Chinese
ko - Korean
roomaji - Japanese (In Roomaji, latin alphabet)
ja-Hrkt - Czech

genera Optional Displays the genera (One or two words to describe the Pokemon) from the official Pokedex
gbaMode Optional Displays text like in GBA Pokedex (Old-school font and old labels).
nameSize Optional Set title size (Name of the Pokemon), in pixels. 32 By default.
flavorText Optional Displays the flavor text (short description of the pokemon) from the official Pokedex. When more than one version is returned, picks first one matching the selected language

Default Configuration

var config = {
    modules: [
            module: "MMM-DailyPokemon",
            position: "top_center",
            config: {
                updateInterval: 86400000, //1 Day
                grayscale: true,//Turns pokemon image and type images gray to match magic mirror styles
                minPoke: 1, //Default to all pokemon
                maxPoke: 802,//Highest number - 802 pokemon currently exist
                showType: true, //Shows type icons below pokemon's image
                stats: true,
                language: "en",
                genera: true,
                gbaMode: true,
                nameSize: 32,
                flavorText: false // Whether to display flavor text for pokemon


Daily Pokemon Module for the MagicMirror




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