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  Todo MVC Backend Example

Swift3 macOS tuxOS Travis TodoMVC is a simple Todo-Backend example implementation.

It uses the Connect and Redis modules.

The example is coming with two backends: a simple in-memory store as well as a Redis backend which persists the todos as Redis hashes and uses Redis INCR to maintain a primary key sequence.

Check it out! It actually works :-)

Building and running the example

You can just checkout the repository and build via Swift Package Manager

git clone
cd noze-todomvc
swift build # or just `make`

If you have Redis installed locally, you can then run the example via

helge@ZeaPro noze-todomvc (develop)*$ .build/debug/todo-mvc
Server listening: <Server: #http=0  *.*.*.*:1337 fd=4 backlog=5>
INFO: Connected to Redis <RedisClient: Connected 7 idle>

and connect to it via

Running in Docker

Also included is a Docker configuration which starts Redis and everything required. To run:

docker-compose up

and again, connect to it via

Running the Testsuite

Just connect via:

About is an attempt to carry over the Node.js ideas into pure Swift. is built around type-safe back-pressure aware pull-streams (using Swift generics) operating on batches of items. Instead of just operating on bytes, operate on batches of Unicode lines or database records or HTML responses or - you get the idea. Be efficient: Stream everything and ßatch.

Who is brought to you by The Always Right Institute and ZeeZide. We wouldn't be sad if more people would like to join the effort :-)

About Simple Connect + Redis based TodoMVC backend implementation







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