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Black Highlighter

Travis CI Build Status

[2019-2023 Wikidot Theme]
Designed by Woedenaz, Croquembouche, & djkaktus
Built by Woedenaz, Croquembouche, aismallard & rounderhouse (for some reason)

A WiP new theme for the SCP Wiki utilizing more current CSS styling standards.

See a preview overwriting Sigma-9 here:

See a preview without the Sigma-9 here:


On a UNIX-like environment with GNU Makefile, you can build Black Highlighter from its source files using the following:

npm install

This will perform the combinations, minifications, etc. all automatically. All affected files will appear in /dist.

The Makefile was constructed to be rigorous with requisites and outputs, it should only rebuild what has since been modified. As such, you can run the build in parallel with jobservers, such as make -j 4.

However (for obvious reasons) make cannot determine if node_modules has all the required dependencies, it merely checks if the node_modules/ directory exists. You will need to re-run npm install if you modify npm's local state.

Additionally, you can run make -B to force re-building all targets, or make clean to dispose of the /dist directory.