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Welcome to the NuGet team Wiki

The NuGet Team Wiki will be primarily used for 3 things:-

  1. Documenting and updating the product roadmap
  2. Design meeting notes
  3. NuGet product specifications

Documenting and updating product roadmap

The product roadmap is constantly evolving document that will reflect the team's priorities and the needs of the community for the next one year or so. If you see any items missing that you strongly believe needs to be part of the roadmap, open an issue and let us know.

Design meeting notes

We will create design discussion summaries for each design discussion and create a wiki page and a corresponding issue with the Discussion label in the Future milestone. These issues will stay open for a relatively long amount of time, and are for free and open discussion. They can turn into actionable issues, or remain in discussion state.

NuGet product specifications

Product specifications enable the team to put forward ideas, get the discussion going within the team and the community and finally have a well thought out proposal ready for implementation. This will generally only be used by the NuGet team. As always, the community can always open issues to put forward their proposals. Provided it aligns with our priorities, roadmap and vision for NuGet, the NuGet team will work with you to formalize that into a product specification. Check this page to get an overview of how to write and review your spec.