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OCFL Community Extensions
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OCFL Community Extensions

This repository is intended as a place for community extensions to the OCFL Specification and Implementation Notes. Community extensions are intended as a way to share and collaborate outside of the specification process. They are intended to be citable and mostly static once published. Substantial revisions of content beyond simple fixes warrants publishing a new extension, perhaps marking the old one deprecated. Anybody may propose a community extension via a pull-request (PR) against this repository. The community will review and discuss it before it is merged in.

The current set of extensions can be read on GitHub Pages.

See also pending pull requests for extensions under discussion.

Organization of this repository

Community extensions should be written as GitHub flavored markdown in the docs directory of this repository. They should be numbered sequentially using a 4-digit, zero-padded prefix; should use hyphens to separate words; and have the .md extension.

An example/template is available in this repository as OCFL Community Extension and is rendered via GitHub pages as

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