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A complete set of WMO weather symbols in SVG with full metadata.
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A complete set of WMO weather symbols in SVG with full metadata


The full repository sources are available at

Accessing the symbols

Pre-generated PNGs

A set of pre-generated PNGs are available for download at

Building PNGs

To build PNG equivalents of the symbols, run ./scripts/ png. Output PNG files are located in png/. Inkscape is required to run the conversions.

Viewing the symbols

The symbols and their descriptions

A list of symbols with their filenames and associated descriptions is provided in symbols subfolders in the respective files (example for the Ft_Fronts subfolder). Those files are generated automatically by the script. These lists act a short guides to the WMO WorldWeatherSymbols.

Displaying the symbols on GitHub

WorldWeatherSymbols can be displayed directly on Github either by opening the symbol's svg file or by using RawGit to include symbols in Markdown-formatted files, example: Front_Cold_at_surface.

Version history


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