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Optical Music Recognition Research

The public hub for source-code related Optical Music Recognition. If you want to contribute, please contact us at

Popular repositories

  1. TensorFlow code to perform end-to-end Optical Music Recognition on monophonic scores through Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks and CTC-based training.

    Python 86 41

  2. A Deep Learning based detector for measures in musical scores

    Python 24 9

  3. The definitive bibliography for research on Optical Music Recognition

    HTML 15 1

  4. Experiments on Linking the Nodes of a Music Notation Graph (MuNG) with Deep Learning.

    Python 9 3

  5. mung Public

    Music Notation Graph: a data model for optical music recognition.

    Python 7 3

  6. Working repository for the MUSCIMA++ dataset

    Python 6 5


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