Jade 2D Lua Game Engine (SFML based)
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Title: Jade Engine README Author: Christian Neumüller


JadeEngine (or jd for short) is a game Engine written in C++ for Lua with 2D graphics, audio, virtual file system (ZIP) and TMX (Tiled Map Editor's format) support.



The following libraries are needed:

The only compiler throughoutly tested is MSVC 11, but once upon a time the source code and CMakeLists.txt were adjusted to also work with g++ 4.7.2. The build system used is CMake in a recent 2.8.x version.


Especially on Windows, make sure to set any environment variables neccessary to let CMake find the librarys are set correctly: SFML_ROOT, BOOST_ROOT, LUA_DIR, LUABIND_DIR, PHYSFSDIR, SSIG_DIR. zlib does not look at any environment variables but only the ZLIB_ROOT CMake variable: See the second option in the Find*.cmake subsection for how to set it.

As an alternative to setting the variables you can also install the libraries to the (CMake) standard locations or add the containing directories to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH.


The CMakeLists.txt for jd call find_package() with some libraries where the corresponding Find*.cmake is not built in:

  • FindLua52.cmake and FindLuabind.cmake are contained in my Luabind fork linked above.
  • FindSFML.cmake and Findssig.cmake are contained in their own libraries.

To make CMake find them you have two options:

  • Copy the files to your CMake installation's module directory. This is the directory where e.g. the AddFileDependencies.cmake module is located. It usually lies in <prefix>/share/cmake-2.8/Modules, where <prefix> is the installation directory on Windows (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\CMake 2.8) and usually simply /usr on Linux.
  • Specify the directories where the files are located as a semicolon ; separated list in the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH CMake cache variable: Add entry, type string in the Windows GUI; or -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=<path-list> on the command line.

Actual build

What's left to do is a standard CMake build. The following contains nothing special, so if you are familiar with CMake, you can just skip the rest.


Navigate to the Jade root directory (with the jd and base.jd subfolders) in your shell, then execute the following commands.

mkdir build # Name basically arbitrary, but build is already in .gitignore
cd build    #
cmake .. # You may need to add the module path modifications here.
sudo make install # Optional.

Visual Studio

Use the Visual Studio command prompt as your shell and do as in Unix, with the following modifications: You may need to add -G "Visual Studio 11" to the cmake command line. Then use msbuild ALL_BUILD.vcxproj instead of make and msbuild INSTALL.vcxproj instead of sudo make install if you want to install the Jade Engine. As in Unix, you will need administrative rights for that, but because Windows has no sudo equivalent, you may need to e.g. launch a new VS command prompt as administrator.

Jade Engine -- Copyright (c) Christian Neumüller 2012--2013 This file is subject to the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License. See LICENSE.txt or http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause.