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The Load Testing IDE
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Kraken - The Load Testing IDE

Kraken by OctoPerf is a load testing IDE.

Kraken Gatling

More information in our load testing blog



Source code structure

The source code of Kraken is divided in several folders:

  • backend: this folder contains a Gradle multi-modules project that build all Java backends of Kraken,
  • deployment: private Git sub-module used to create and deploy all Docker containers,
  • development: contains shell scripts and docker-compose configuration to start the InfluxDb/Grafana stack in dev mode,
  • documentation: private Git sub-module that builds Kraken's documentation,
  • frontend: this folder contains an Angular project with several libraries and two applications: administration and gatling.


Run the application from the source code

To run Kraken from the source code you need to:

  1. Start the development stack of InfluxDB/Grafana
  • cd development
  • ./
  1. Start the backend servers
  • cd backend
  • make copy-data (one time only)
  • make serve-storage
  • make serve-command
  • make serve-docker
  • make serve-static
  • make serve-analysis
  1. Start the frontend applications
  • cd frontend
  • make setup (one time only)
  • make serve APP=gatling
  • make serve APP=administration

Kraken Dev Architecture

Tests and bug finders


  • ./test-coverage-all to generate test coverage for the complete project,
  • make test APP=<library-or-app> to run tests for a single module (for example make test APP=commons),
  • make lint to run TSLint on the whole project.


  • make check to run all unit tests and SpotBugs,
  • make test APP=<module-path> to run unit test for a single sub-module (for example make test APP=:commons:docker-client).


Check out the next milestone.


Kraken is an open core product:

  • The majority of the code base is licensed under the Apache V2 License,
  • Some closed-source components, not available directly in this repository, requires a license (free or paid) from OctoPerf.
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