A property editor for Umbraco that displays a headline and sub-headline over an image and allows for positioning.
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Text Over Image Editor · version our umbraco

A custom property editor for Umbraco that allows for an image to be selected and a headline and sub-headline to be added to it and then positioned on top of the image.

Download for Umbraco

Install the selected release through the Umbraco package installer or download and install locally from Our.

After installing the package, create a new DataType and select "Text Over Image Editor" from the property editor dropdown, then add it to a DocType of your choice.


Want to contribute to the Text Over Image Editor package? You'll want to use Grunt (our task runner) to help you integrate with a local copy of Umbraco.

Install Dependencies

Requires Node.js to be installed and in your system path

npm install -g grunt-cli && npm install -g grunt
npm install



Builds the project to /dist/. These files can be dropped into an Umbraco 7 site, or you can build directly to a site using:

grunt --target="D:\inetpub\mysite"

You can also watch for changes using:

grunt watch
grunt watch --target="D:\inetpub\mysite"

If you want to build the package file (into a pkg folder), use:

grunt umbraco