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Simple and Fast 2D rendering library for Rust, based on gfx-hal
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VxDraw - Simple 2D rendering for Rust

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vxdraw is a rendering library for drawing sprites, text, and streaming textures to a window. It is not an engine, just a library, and has no runtime.

Note: This software is in its early stages and has only been built to satisfy the requirements of a work in progress. There will be some rough edges. Any contributions are very much welcome. Currently only Vulkan is supported as a back-end.

Features and Motivation

Documentation of the API can be found on

vxdraw is made for streaming changing sprites to the GPU, and is meant mainly for video games with animated, moving, and/or deforming sprites. If no sprite changes are made, the data is not re-uploaded to the GPU for the sake of efficiency.

vxdraw packs data tightly to acquire near-optimal GPU-upload performance. Its main organization point is the layer - which defines an absolute draw ordering. A layer is a collection of the same type of drawable item, of which there are 4:

  • dyntex - Dynamic Textures, sprites based on a single texture
  • strtex - Streaming Texture, sprites based on a texture of which pixels can be edited
  • quads - Colored 4-point shape
  • text - Font rendering and letter control

And finally a pseudo-layer for debugging

  • debtri - Debug triangle, triangles that are always drawn on top of everything else. Mainly to check if something works or to implement a quick-and-dirty visual tool to check a condition in code.

Further features:

  • Custom blend modes (per-layer)
  • Filter mode (per-layer)
  • Fixed or dynamic perspective matrices (per-layer)
  • User-supplied vertex/fragment shaders for quads, text, dyntex, and strtex (per-layer)

Snapshot Testing

vxdraw allows for snapshot testing by retrieving the full frame data.

Benchmark Results

Here are benchmark results running cargo bench on an AMD Vega 56 video card:

test debtri::tests::bench_rotating_windmills_no_render                      ... bench:         855 ns/iter (+/- 77)
test debtri::tests::bench_rotating_windmills_only                           ... bench:      57,253 ns/iter (+/- 8,600)
test debtri::tests::bench_rotating_windmills_set_color                      ... bench:      64,500 ns/iter (+/- 25,971)
test debtri::tests::bench_simple_triangle                                   ... bench:      50,443 ns/iter (+/- 5,055)
test debtri::tests::bench_still_windmills                                   ... bench:      52,454 ns/iter (+/- 5,280)
test debtri::tests::bench_windmills_set_color                               ... bench:           8 ns/iter (+/- 2)
test dyntex::tests::animated_fireballs_20x20_uvs2                           ... bench:     114,045 ns/iter (+/- 31,969)
test dyntex::tests::bench_many_particles                                    ... bench:      58,473 ns/iter (+/- 12,086)
test dyntex::tests::bench_many_sprites                                      ... bench:   3,250,726 ns/iter (+/- 119,911)
test dyntex::tests::bench_push_and_pop_sprite                               ... bench:          31 ns/iter (+/- 4)
test dyntex::tests::bench_push_and_pop_texture                              ... bench:  55,676,043 ns/iter (+/- 56,986,205)
test strtex::tests::adding_sprites                                          ... bench:          23 ns/iter (+/- 2)
test strtex::tests::bench_streaming_texture_set_500x500_area                ... bench:          10 ns/iter (+/- 1)
test strtex::tests::bench_streaming_texture_set_500x500_area_using_iterator ... bench:   2,636,501 ns/iter (+/- 374,451)
test strtex::tests::bench_streaming_texture_set_single_pixel                ... bench:          10 ns/iter (+/- 1)
test strtex::tests::bench_streaming_texture_set_single_pixel_while_drawing  ... bench:      65,817 ns/iter (+/- 10,654)
test strtex::tests::generate_perlin_noise                                   ... bench:   1,895,628 ns/iter (+/- 820,344)
test tests::clears_per_second                                               ... bench:      48,371 ns/iter (+/- 8,677)
test text::tests::text_flag                                                 ... bench:      75,114 ns/iter (+/- 28,652)

Example Outputs

  • Multiple sprites of the same texture with different opacity settings result-1

  • Linear filtering mode on a 3-colored texture result-2

  • Various quads result-3

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