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The Open Movie Database API

Author: Stuart Boston (Omertron AT Gmail DOT com)

This API uses the omdbapi.com API

Originally written for use by YetAnotherMovieJukebox (YAMJv2 & YAMJv3), but anyone can feel free to use it for other projects as well.

Build Status


This is an excellent open database for movie and film content.

I strongly encourage you to check it out and contribute to keep it growing.


Project Usage

The API usage is very simple. Just instantiate the object:

OmdbApi omdb = new OmdbApi("apikey");

Then call the search or getInfo methods to get what you are looking for.

This API uses a builder function to allow you to specify all the parameters that are relevant to your search.

For example, searching for "Star Wars"

SearchResults results = omdb.search(new OmdbBuilder().setSearchTerm("Star Wars").build());

This will yield a list of all movies that match "Star Wars". If there are no results or an error, the results.isResponse() will be false.

You can also get information for a specific movie using the IMDB ID or title & year:

OmdbVideoFull result = omdb.getInfo(new OmdbBuilder().setImdbId("tt0083658");
OmdbVideoFull result = omdb.getInfo(new OmdbBuilder().setTitle("Blade Runner").build());
OmdbVideoFull result = omdb.getInfo(new OmdbBuilder().setTitle("Blade Runner").setYear(1982).build());

###Builder Methods By default results are returned for all video types (movie, series & episode), the plot is short and Rotten Tomatoes information is omitted from the results.

You can change this behaviour with the OmdbBuilder call, the following methods are supported: ####Main Parameters Only one of these should be chosen

.setSearchTerm(string)  // Setting this will perform a search
.setTitle(string)       // Setting this will get information on the title
.setImdbId(string)      // Setting this will get information on the IMDB ID

####Additional Parameters The following parameters will limit the searches returned:

.setYear(integer)           // The year
.setResultType(ResultType)  // One of ALL (default), MOVIE, SERIES or EPISODE
.setTypeMovie()             // A shortcut for the ResultType.MOVIE
.setTypeSeries()            // A shortcut for the ResultType.SERIES
.setTypeEpisode()           // A shortcut for the ResultType.EPISODE
.setPlot(PlotType)          // One of SHORT or LONG for the length of the plot
.setPlotLong()              // A shortcut for the PlotType.LONG
.setPlotShort()             // A shortcut for the PlotType.SHORT
.setTomatoes(boolean)       // Include or exclude Rotten Tomatoes ratings
.setTomatoesOn()            // Include Rotten Tomatoes ratings
.setTomatoesOff()           // Exclude Rotten Tomatoes ratings

####Examples Get information on Blade Runner with long plot and Rotten Tomatoes information:

OmdbVideoFull result = omdb.getInfo(new OmdbBuilder()
    .setTitle("Blade Runner")

The following call does the same using the IMDB ID and the shortcut calls:

OmdbVideoFull result = omdb.getInfo(new OmdbBuilder()

Project Logging

This project uses SLF4J to abstract the logging in the project.

To use the logging in your own project you should add one of the bindings listed HERE

Project Documentation

The automatically generated documentation can be found HERE