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omnisharp-brackets is a plugin for to provide a C# development environment. It communicates with OmniSharpServer by nosami for IDE functions.

It works on:

Mac OSX Linux Windows (NOTE : needs Python installed AND in your PATH)



How to use the latest version

Currently some of the funtionality is dependent upon the kind people at adobe accepting my PR's. Until that point to get all the features you will need to work of my brackets branch:

Note: If you are on a non-Windows platform, and notice permission issues in the Brackets Debug Console that prevent Omnisharp from starting (such as Error: spawn EACCES etc),you need to ensure the permissions on the Brackets extension are in proper order. To do that, execute the respective command for your operating system in your terminal.

Name Description
OSX chmod -R a+x ~/Library/Application Support/Brackets/extensions/user/mat-mcloughlin.omnisharp
Linux chmod -R a+x ~/.config/Brackets/extensions/user/mat-mcloughlin.omnisharp