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OmniSharp-Roslyn is a .NET development platform based on Roslyn workspaces. It provides project dependencies and language syntax to various IDE and plugins.

OmniSharp-Roslyn is built with the .NET Core SDK. It targets both netcoreapp1.0 and net46 targets. The netcoreapp1.0 build is self contained, while net46 build requires mono (>=4.6.0) if it is run on a platform other than Windows.

In addition, if you need the HTTP interface and you want to run on Linux, you'll also need to make sure that you have libuv installed.

Using the latest OmniSharp-Roslyn with VS Code


On Windows:

> git checkout dev
> ./build.ps1

On Linux / Unix:

$ git checkout dev
$ ./

You can find the output under artifacts/publish/OmniSharp/<runtime id>/<target framework>/.

The executable is either OmniSharp.exe or OmniSharp.

For more details, see Build.

VS Code

Add the following setting to your User Settings or Workspace Settings.

  "omnisharp.path": "<Path to the omnisharp executable>"

Help wanted!

We have slack room as well. Get yourself invited: