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Cryptonia Poker Chips and Crowdsale (ICO) contracts

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Cryptonia digital assets are ERC-20 compatible Ethereum tokens. Tokens sold out to investors during ICO using Crowdsale contracts or issued (minted) manually by the owner for any given account. The token holder (beneficiary) is able to store, burn or send this token to any other address. In the future the tokens can be utilized by Cryptonia application (out of scope of this spec).

Cryptonia Poker Ethereum contracts suite consists of

Token contract

CPC is ERC-20 standard token with the following paramaters:

  • Name: Cryptonia Poker Chips
  • Symbol: CPC
  • Decimals: 2
  • Mintable: Yes, Special role 'minter', Finalizeable
  • Burnable: Yes, owner can burn its tokens
  • RBAC: Yes, admin (can finalize, can add minters). Initially admin is contract deployer 0x8b2655f8940453d48de9a823402acbbda56c6289, admins can be added/deleted by admin. After deployment Crowdsale contract 0x2178456786133C163DfF480fEFfa7da3Dc251bFf was added as a minter.
  • Source Code: CryptoniaToken.sol
  • Mainnet address: 0x0809bD190C94F4408e691C410E67BFf0DF5d225d

Crowdsale contract

  • Phased: Yes, with specific price per phase
  • Minimal Purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Token amount based on: ETH value of Tx and exchange rate CPC per ETH (defined per each phase)
  • RBAC: Yes, admin (can change phases and sink wallet, initially admin is 0x8b2655f8940453d48de9a823402acbbda56c6289)
  • Collected ETH forwarded to: sink wallet account of the founder (initially 0x8b2655f8940453d48de9a823402acbbda56c6289, can be changed by admin)
  • Sink wallet editable: YES, admin can change it over time to secure funds (initially admin is 0x8b2655f8940453d48de9a823402acbbda56c6289, can be added/deleted by admin)
  • Source code: CryptoniaCrowdsale.sol
  • Mainnet address: 0x510093014fa8EE0cF957b591B581573D7D6135aD

Crowdsale for Cryptonia receives ethers and sends back corresponding amount of CPC tokens. Token price depends on the current phase (see the schedule). The crowdsale contract contains a list of phases, each phase has a start time, end time and CPC per ETH exchange rate. If current time doesn't match any phase or transferred value less than minPurchase the operation is thrown (reverted).

Crowdsale schedule

Shedule is initially constructed on the Crowdsale deployment on 2018-04-03. It can be changed at any time by addPhase/delPhase

Phase Start date (UTC) Start Unix End date (UTC) End Unix Rate, CPC/ETH
0 2018-04-03 12:56:46 1522760206 2018-04-30 23:59:59 1525132799 13200.00
1 2018-05-01 00:00:00 1525132800 2018-05-31 23:59:59 1527811199 8400.00
2 2018-06-01 00:00:00 1527811200 2018-06-30 23:59:59 1530403199 6960.00

use or unix date utility for conversion from human to epoch

date -u -j -f "%Y-%m-%d  %H:%M:%S" "2018-04-10 00:00:00" "+%s"

from epoch to human

date -u -j -f "%s" "1530392399" "+%Y-%m-%d  %H:%M:%S"

Crowdsale schedule modification

The internal phases schedule can be changed at any time by the owner with the following methods:

addPhase(_startDate, _endDate, _tokensPerETH)


All the funds received from the investors are forwarded to securely stored wallet (Externally Owned Account) to avoid any on-chain risks. Wallet can be changed at any point of time by the owner.


Getting started

Get the source code

Clone the contracts repository with submodules (we use zeppelin-solidity libraries)

git clone --recurse-submodules

Test it

To be sure in code quality and compatibility we use truffle framowork for testing our code:

Run truffle tests

  • Install truffle framework on your host. It will install solc-js compiler automatically.
  • Run testrpc in one console and leave it open.
  • Start the new console and type truffle test.

Deploy on the net

  • Flatten your solidity code The simplest way to move your code to the IDE and other tools is to make it flat (opposed to hierarchically organized files) Install truffle-flattener via npm npm install -g truffle-flattener and flatten your crowdsale contract to a single code snippet, copy it truffle-flattener contracts/CryptoniaPokerCrowdsale.sol You can use Remix IDE for deployment on the net.

  • First deploy Token contract, you should get an address of deployed contract (Token)


As Tx get mined you should know Token address as a result.

  • Deploy Crowdsale contract
deploy Crowdsale(wallet, Token)

where wallet is external address to receive depisited ethers, Token is the token contract deployed on previous step.

  • Add/Del Phases construct your schedule with following methods
Crowdsale.addPhase(_startDate, _endDate, _tokensPerETH)
  • Add Crowdsale contract to the minters of the token

Post-Deploy steps

  • Good practice is to verify Source Code on the etherscan. Do it for both Crowdsale and Token.
  • Publish your Crowdsale contract for investors.

After crowdsale end

After the last phase ends you can disconnect Crowdsale from the token (remove minting privileges given before).


Post-ICO state

  • the token is still mintable. To continue minting you can grant minting permissions to the new entity - extarnal account or contract.

Python watchdog script

If you need contract variable values for any off-chain logic (backend) or representation (site) you can use the simple python watchdog which pulls and prints out some states of your contracts.



Ethereum contracts for Cryptonia Poker



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