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Biological Expression Language

Biological Expression Langauge represents causal, correlative, and associative biological relationships with their provenance and context

Popular repositories

  1. openbel-framework Public archive

    An open platform for capturing, integrating, storing, and sharing biological knowledge in and across organizations.

    Java 20 6

  2. bel.rb Public archive

    Process BEL (Biological Expression Language) with ruby.

    Ruby 8 8

  3. bel-editor Public archive

    NOT MAINTAINED: Enables Eclipse integration with the Bioligical Expression Language (BEL)

    Java 5 3

  4. OpenBEL Resources

    HTML 5 2

  5. cytoscape-plugins Public archive

    The OpenBEL Framework Cytoscape Plugins project enables Cytoscape to access and analyze Knowledge Assembly Models.

    Java 5 4

  6. language Public

    Specification for the Biological Expression Language

    CSS 5 4


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