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Watson Work Services Java SDK

This project is intended to give a Java wrapper for Watson Work Services REST and GraphQL APIs. For more information on the endpoints available, see For a GraphQL tester site, see


This project is an OpenNTF project, and is available under the Apache License V2.0.  
All other aspects of the project, including contributions, defect reports, discussions, 
feature requests and reviews are subject to the OpenNTF Terms of Use - available at

Issues Tracking

Report Issues here: JIRA

Full Documentation

See OpenNTF Wiki

Release Notes


WWAPI-9 Added Focus endpoint to pass text to Watson Work Services for analysis against focus lenses
WWAPI-11 Re-authenticating requests
WWAPI-14 Added updatedSince as filter for Spaces query
WWAPI-15, WWAPI-16, WWAPI-17, WWAPI-18, WWAPI-19, WWAPI-23, WWAPI-24 Added "mentioned" to GraphQL queries WWAPI-30, WWAPI-32, WWAPI-36 Added addSpaceMembers mutation
WWAPI-31 Added ibmUniqueID property to Person
WWAPI-34, WWAPI-36 Added removeSpaceMembers mutation
WWAPI-37 CHANGE membersUpdated property in space should be a date not a string
WWAPI-38 Changed TokenScope extraction to be an array
WWAPI-39 CHANGE Added methods to be able to access PageInfo objects in queries


WWAPI-12 Ability to pass multiple query objects in a single request, supporting aliases WWAPI-10 Support for Photo REST endpoint WWAPI-13 Support for Files endpoint


Mutations have been added for the following GraphQL mutations:

  • createSpace
  • deleteSpace
  • updateSpace
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