OpenMDAO is a high-performance computing platform for systems analysis and optimization that enables you to decompose your models, making them easier to build and maintain, while still solving them in a tightly-coupled manner with efficient parallel numerical methods.
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This version of OpenMDAO is completely new software. To use the legacy version (versions 0.13.0 and older) of the OpenMDAO-Framework, go here:

OpenMDAO 1.0 is in an ALPHA state. The version that you are installing is under active development, and as such may be broken from time to time. We highly recommend that you clone this repository to install the code, so you can easily pull down the latest updates.

To install OpenMDAO 1.0 Alpha: Install Python, Pip, Numpy, and Scipy. (Anaconda Python, comes bundled with everything you need: ).

Next, clone OpenMDAO repository:

git clone

Lastly, install it in development mode (from the parent directory):

pip install -e OpenMDAO

For more information, visit our website at:

or read our docs at: