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A Peer-to-peer Platform for Secure, Privacy-preserving, Decentralized Data Science
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jlebensold and iamtrask Tensor persist router (#248)
* fixing bug where localhost redis path not good

* wip for getting postgres with a schema

* moving socketIO workers to grid project

* started getting flask integration test working and postgres migration

* adding migration

* fixing broken test

* moving socketIO workers to grid project

* fixing tests

* got worker -> worker_objects relation working

* removing whitespace

* removing dead code

* format fix

* adding flask_sqlalchemy

* adding flask_migrate

* removing redundant import

* unnecessary for now

* commented for now

* cleaning up imports

* removing dead code

* cleaning up more imports

* added a description

* starting flask api tests

* adding persistence support for grid with unit tests

* adding notes

* removing unnecessary imports

* removing hidden file

* ignoring .DS_Store

* formatting

* renaming test

* renaming test

* better assertions

* adding verbose mode

* adding a workbook

* green tests

* reformatting

* changing heroku script to use postgres

* adding Flask-Migrate dependency

* adding requirements

* moving postgres rest api into the app folder

* moving create_app

* heroku app

* reqs

* adjusting module imports so that tests and heroku script will both work

* fix import

* back again

* adding migration command

* formatting

* fix test coverage

* formatting
Latest commit 70093e1 Aug 1, 2019


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Grid is a peer-to-peer network of data owners and data scientists who can collectively train AI models using PySyft.

High-level Architecture

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Apache License 2.0

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