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autoEdit V2

autoEdit 2 is a fast text based video editing, node NWJS, Os X desktop app, with Backbone front end. For making video production faster, easier and more accessible.

Ready to use release

See releases section to download latest packaged version ready to use. All you need to get started is IBM Watson API Blumix keys. Check out the guide section on this and the user manual


Overview diagram

  1. It creates automatic transcription from a video or audio file
  2. the user can make text selections
  3. export those selections as a video sequence in the editing software of choice

It is built in node NWJS and backbone.

Watch video overview on youtube.

The app uses IBM watson or Gentle open source Speech To Text systems to generate transcription. The user can then select text and export a video sequence to the video editing software of choice.

Is designed so that the front end in backbone can be used as standalone static site. Which is how the demo is run, with an hard coded sample data in backbone.sync.

For more info check out the documentation.


Launching the app

npm install

and then run the following comand to compile the js client side files with browserify and start nwjs.

npm run start_make_js

You'd also need to get IBM watson STT keys or have the Gentle Open source app running locally see the guide for instructions on setting this up

Building/packaging the app

Building and packaging the app, can be done with one comand.

npm run build

This install dependencies, runs browserify on the client side js code, builds the nwjs application in the ./build folder and packages into a dmg image which is saved onto the ~/Desktop.


For more info check out the project documentation


Feel free to get in touch with any questions. Via email or twitter @pietropassarell.Fork the project and send me a pull request.

Check out the issues section and Dashboard

Stories in Ready

Is reccomended to use .eslintrc.json in your code editor of choice to keep style consistency.