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autoEdit 2

autoEdit 2 is a fast text based video editing, desktop app for Mac, Linux and Windows, built with node and electron, and Backbone front end. For making video production faster, easier and more accessible.

Ready to use release

See releases section to download latest packaged version ready to use. And view user manual for overview of the app.

All you need to get started is to decide what speech to text service you want to use and get some credentials to get going check out the user manual for more details


git clone
cd autoEdit_2
npm install

Usage - development

npm start

Compiles the js client side files with browserify and starts electron

Note: You'd also need to get Speech to text keys or have the Gentle Open source app running locally check out the user manual for more details, unless you are choosing pocketsphinx as speech to text option.


autoEdit is a text-based video-editing software that creates a digital paper-editing workflow. For more background see this write up on Source "Introducing autoEdit" as well as for more in depth on the underlying workflow see this gitbook "How to tell compelling stories out of video interviews", and especially this section focused on digital Paper-editing.

Overview diagram

System Architecture

High level overview of system architecture

See Architecture overview in developer's documentation.

Development env

How to run the development environment Coding style convention ref optional, eg which linter to use Linting, github pre-push hook - optional


Use .eslintrc.json in your code editor of choice to keep style consistency.


How to run build

See documentation section for build / deployment in OS X, Linux, Windows

Travis CI Deployment

See documentation section for Travis CI continuous build

Deployment as adobe panel

See documentation section for more info


How to carry out tests

At the moment some unit tests are in the spec folder using jasmine, and you can run them using

npm run test

However they still need to be fixed up a bit. And perhaps move to jest.

  • PR and help on improving test coverage welcome.

Build project page & demo

See documentation section for

Open source

This is an open source project, in it's current version it was originally created as part of a Open News Knight-Mozilla fellowship by Pietro Passarelli with the Vox Media product team. You can contribute and/or propose ideas you have for this project.

This tool is under development and you may find some bugs. In that case we will appreciate if you can fill an issue or get in touch.

If you are curious about whatever happened to autoEdit "1" check this out.


Feel free to get in touch with any questions. Via email or twitter @pietropassarell.

Github issues to suggest ideas and report bugs welcome. And/or fork the project and send me a pull request.

Sign up to the mailing list, follow on twitter and/or facebook to keep up to date with the latest releases.

Check out the issues section and Dashboard

Stories in Ready


List of contributors that have helped shaped autoEdit by contributing and/or advising on this or previous versions in no particular order.

Active contributors

Support the project it's free and open source. Free as in free speech as well as in free beer. Help support the autoEdit project to keep it that way. Support will go towards fixing bugs, adding features, provide support for users etc...