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Mallikas is a service in the dependency engine of OpenReq infrastructure that primarily focuses on the contexts, which already contain a large number of existing and dependent requirements, such as large distributed open source projects or large systems engineering projects. For example, the Qt Company has about one hundred-thousand (100,000) issues in its Jira. The dependency engine focuses on the entire body of requirements as an interdependent "requirements model".

This service was created as a result of the OpenReq project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 732463.

Technical Description

Mallikas should not be accessed directly but it is used only through Milla. Mallikas is a database service for the Milla service used especially in the Qt Jira trial of OpenReq to cache requirements for performance etc. purposes. For further details, see the swagger documentation.

The following technologies are used:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • Maven
  • GSON
  • H2 database

Public APIs

The API is documented by using Swagger2:

How to Install

Run the compiled jar file, e.g., java -jar Mallikas-1.10.jar.

Mallikas uses port 9204 that needs to be open.

How to Use This Microservice

Mallikas is used only from Milla to store (cache) requirements, see details from Milla

The endpoints can be used for testing purposes, see swagger documentation.

Notes for Developers

None at the moment.



How to Contribute

See the OpenReq Contribution Guidelines here.


Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the EPL version 2 (EPL2.0).

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