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Building an autonomous boat that pursues to cross the Atlantic Ocean

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  1. OpenTransat-Navigator OpenTransat-Navigator Public

    The brain of the boat responsible for navigation

    C++ 28 3

  2. PowerSensor PowerSensor Public

    Measures voltage & current of each solar panel separately

    Eagle 3 1

  3. OpenTransat-CAD-Design OpenTransat-CAD-Design Public

    CAD design of the boat

    2 1

  4. OpenTransat-Expansion OpenTransat-Expansion Public

    Provides additional functions to the Navigator

    C 1

  5. ServoEncoder ServoEncoder Public

    Controls a motor by evaluating position feedback from a magnetic encoder

    C++ 1 2

  6. Hardware-Modules Hardware-Modules Public

    Other hardware modules (sensors and communications)

    C++ 1


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