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Anti-Malware for minecraft
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Anti-Malware for minecraft (only supports spigot plugins for now tho :( )


SEND the plugin jar to me so I can look through it and add it to this program, then report the plugin.


  • Turn the server off so the malware can't spread
  • Upload the MCAntiMalware.jar file to your server directory.
  • Run the jar file in a shell, terminal, or cmd prompt with the command "java -jar MCAntiMalware.jar" or "java -jar MCAntiMalware.jar -z true" if you want to have any malicious jars put into a .zip for easy uploading and/or deletion
  • This will create an "AntiMalware" folder inside of your "plugins" folder. Within that is a "log.txt" file. Open the "log.txt" file to see if there are any plugins that could be potential malware (Malicious jars are logged as [WARNING])
  • SEND the listed jar(s) to me so I can look through it/them and update the program (or send ALL of the jars to me if you want to be completely sure there's nothing this program doesn't detect)
  • Delete the listed jars or all of the plugins if you want to be extra safe
  • Restart the server
  • If there is STILL malicious stuff happening send me EVERY jar file (including the server jar) then delete EVERY plugin jar AND the server jar then re-download the plugins and server jar


As of right now the program has 28 checks total Runs 24/7 for constant protection Scans any new jars, rar, or zip files for malicious/pup skripts or plugins Can automatically zip suspected malicious plugins by using the command line argument -z true or -zipMalPlugins true to make it easier for uploading or deletion


Simple, it's java it's easy to deobfuscate and decompile, if someone tried hard enough they'll figure out everything. I'm better off making it open source and getting help from the community.

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