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The software is still under active development and not feature complete or ready for consumption by anyone other than software developers. There may be milestones during the pre-alpha which deliver specific sets of functionality, and nightly builds for other developers or users who are comfortable living on the absolute bleeding edge.


Validate all the core components of Orchard work together to enable module development. We should be able to setup an Orchard site and run a blog engine with a minimal set of custom modules.

Fully or partially implemented

  • Setup
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Theming
    • Shapes
  • Document database with migrations
  • Declarative dependency injection
  • Navigation API
  • Event bus
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Content Items API
    • Content Parts and Content Fields
  • Content Types module
    • Managing content types and settings
  • List module
  • Modules support
  • Deferred tasks
  • Resource manager
  • Placement files
  • Background tasks
  • Recipes


  • Admin theme
    • Guidelines
    • Tree navigation


December 2016

The software is complete enough for internal testing. This is typically done by people other than the software engineers who wrote it, but still within the same organization or community that developed the software.


Have more commonly used modules to start building websites.

Fully or partially implemented

  • Autoroute
  • Tokens
  • Deployment (Import/Export)
  • Tenants management
  • Modules management
  • Indexing/Search (missing settings)
  • Homepage
  • Settings
  • Live preview
  • Body editors
  • Markdown editor
  • Menu
  • Collapsible admin menu
  • XmlRpc/MetaWeblog API
  • Scripting (JS)


November 2017

The software is complete enough for external testing -- that is, by groups outside the organization or community that developed the software. Beta software is usually feature complete, but may have known limitations or bugs. Betas are either closed (private) and limited to a specific set of users, or they can be open to the general public.

Fully or partially implemented

  • Widgets
  • Flows
  • Layers
  • Projections
  • Media Library
    • Media Processing
  • Liquid Templating
  • Queries (Lucene, SQL)
  • Razor Pages
  • .NET Standard 2.0
  • View localization (PO Files, Pluralization)
  • The Agency theme
  • Docker images

Beta 2

June 2018

Fully or partially implemented

  • .NET Core 2.1
    • Precompiled Razor Views
    • Razor Pages
  • Workflows
  • Forms
  • Email
  • Password reset
  • Social logins
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Updated default recipes and themes (Bootstrap 4)
  • Data Protection
  • Fragment caching

Beta 3

Scheduled August 2018


Fully or partially implemented

  • Background tasks management
  • GraphQL & JsonAPI


Scheduled October 2018

The software is almost ready for final release. No feature development or enhancement of the software is undertaken; tightly scoped bug fixes are the only code you're allowed to write in this phase, and even then only for the most heinous and debilitating of bugs.


  • Entities API
  • Taxonomies
  • Output caching
  • Localization
  • Content filtering/navigation
  • CDN support
  • Jobs queue
  • Message bus
  • Indexing source (Lucene + SQL)


  • Documentation
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Deployment and hosting
  • Performance