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C1 CMS 6.1 (6.1.6325.31805)

This is a minor release, primarily stabilizing the 6.0 release and bringing the Search features introduced as beta in 6.0 to release level in terms of stability, performance and features.


Download C1 CMS 6.1

What’s new in C1 CMS 6.1?

This release allows developers to use C# 7.0 features, the build-in content search has been expanded to the point, where front-end facing search can be serviced and customized to meet a wide range of needs. The release also contains several fixes and performance improvements.

Latest Roslyn compiler in use

Developers can now use C# 7.0 features in Razor Functions, MVC view code files, WebForm files etc.

Search improvements

Stemming, search results highlighting, indexing output of the cms functions.
Support for indexing content of media files (e.g. PDF and DOCX) with the Orcksetra.Search.MediaContentIndexing package.
API support for filtering search results to specific websites/media folders.
API support for implementing and filtering by custom fields (e.g. by extranet permissions).
Localizable user friendly names for MIME types when searching for media in the console.
Greatly reduced index building time.


Media files now have a Tags field enabling users to add tags (keywords) to media files.
New service IMailer for sending mails (enable replacing the default mailer SmtpClient with other implementation).

Performance fixes

  • deleting multiple CMS Pages at the same time
  • using the Orckestra.VersioningVersionPublication package
  • improved caching of data from SqlDataProvider

Breaking changes:

Security change – the “visible perspectives” settings for users/groups are now included in the calculation of inherited access. Previously having access to a perspective did not influence the inheritance of rights, meaning that any global access would flow down to all perspectives and elements, unless explicitly removed at a lower level. Now access will not be inherited onto perspectives the users cannot access.

A typical scenario where this become visible will be non-admin users unable to insert CMS Functions *getting an empty tree to choose from( – this can be solved by setting explicit read permissions on the “All Functions” element or by allowing read permissions to be inherited past hidden perspectives, see below.

You can control this behavior using the attribute inheritGlobalReadPermissionOnHiddenPerspectives in ~/App_Data/Composite/Composite.config. Setting this attribute to true will allow users with global read access to read structures like the CMS Functions tree, even though they have now been granted access to the Function perspective.

Notable bug fixes:

#435 Latest Firefox and Chrome will break the Function Call editor in the Visual Editor
#403 MVC links are not resolved correctly
#404 Page type restrictions are not resolved properly
#422 Checkbox will reset to initial state when other form widgets on same form does postback
#426 Components window is empty when site is running in subfolder
#417 [FireFox][Search,Components] WebSocket connection is not reopened automatically if website restarts
Fixes in relation to SQL support of Orckestra.Versioning.VersionPublication