Simple jQuery plugin skeleton with MIT license
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jQuery Plugin Skeleton


Simple, it's just a skeleton of a jQuery plugin that you can download, clone, fork, whatever. I'm putting it on Github mainly for myself. It also includes an MIT license at the top of the skeleton.


Only thing you really have to do is edit the MIT license on the first line:

Copyright (c) <Year> <First & Last Name>, <Your Web Site>

And then name your plugin by replacing "pluginname" here:

pluginname: function(options) {

Lastly, you basically just start writing you plugin right under this line:

$this = $(this);

Make sure to use $this to reference the element selected from the plugin. Example, $this in this case:


Would equal #myelement, or for multiple items selected, the current item the plugin is on while looping through.


This plugin allows you to keep on chaining, so, for example:

$('#myelement').pluginname().css({border:'1px solid blue'});

Would run pluginname name on #myelement then add a blue border to it after.

Whats next?

A skeleton that includes ready-to-go functions and callbacks for AJAX based plugins.

Found a bug?

Submit a bug report above or here: